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 ABC is the time saver we are all looking for

You have undoubtedly put a lot of work into creating your website. In order for that website to be effective, you need traffic. People have to find out about your site and you want high volume of traffic.  But how do you go about getting the word out there? Now there’s a way that won’t mean adding more work to what you’ve already done after getting your web site designed and up and running. Getting people to visit your website is as simple as ABC; Automatic Backlink Creator. The job of creating your own backlinks could not only put you to sleep, but the time you spend on that could very nicely be spent somewhere else. You did the hard stuff; now let ABC pick up the mundane and tedious stuff!

ABC: Features in a nutshell
Basically, what ABC will do for you once you’ve gotten your website up and running is let people know you’re out there. These are some basic properties of Automatic Backlink Creator:

·         What is the Automatic Backlink Creator? As someone is reading about a certain topic online, they may run across a word that is highlighted. As they pass their mouse over this word it trips the cursor into point mode. When someone clicks on that word, a hyperlink is created. ABC can make that hyperlink take whoever clicks that word directly to your site.
·         What will the hyperlink look like? Basically it will either be the title of your page, the title of your host (as in a blog) or the title of your site. This will appear in widgets along the side of a web page.
·         Can it be anything other than the title? Absolutely. It can be a key word. For instance; let’s say your website is about automobile parts. Your title is Dave’s Auto Parts. But if no one knows who Dave’s Auto Parts is, how would they find it? By using a key word, someone could be redirected to your website without even having to know the title of it. A key word such as autos, repairs or car parts could be used to create a hyperlink back to your website.

How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work?
ABC’s database stores all the information, keywords and titles of all the people/sites using this particular product. It (sometimes randomly) displays that information on all web pages associated with whatever category you have chosen to be associated with. It sounds a lot more confusing than it actually is but actually the work ABC does is actually much more direct. One thing is for sure, it will generate traffic!

Advantages of using the Automatic Backlink Creator
The time you save by having ABC create all these backlinks for you will be invaluable. The more backlinks you have going to your site, the more you can boost your ratings. And who doesn’t want that? Hundreds, possibly thousands of WordPress sites will be showing your hyperlinks without you having to do much at all. Your website is important to you, right? You can make the most of it by letting Automatic Backlink Creator make your website important to others as well.

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Start Spreading the News

The Automatic Backlink Creator can help you ‘get the word out’ thereby increasing your website’s popularity; hence increasing your page ranking. Automatic Backlink Creator sends out tons of pings daily, publishes and indexes articles that you have submitted and backlinks computer users through keywords and widgets to your site.

How ABC can help you rank in Google
Ranking is simply a nice way of saying popularity contest. Fortunately, with all that Automatic Backlink Creator can do for you, you can easily gain the winning edge. The ABC database is like a huge community. Everyone who belongs to it shares information about their websites, blogs and published articles.

·         Get your articles published. ABC allows you to not only publish articles but to edit them thereby reactivating them as a new article again. Some services don’t allow you to edit your articles.
·         ABC allows flexibility in the time frame you can publish your articles while others will limit the amount of articles you can publish within a certain time frame.
·         With a steady supply of daily pings (picked up by search engine spiders), your ranking can’t help but improve.
·         Automatic Backlink Creator allows you to track the ranking of not only your site but your keywords and articles as well.
·         ABC will see to it that your site is indexed to as many as 10 sites per day. 
How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work? 
This is a plug-in device that will create backlinks for you automatically. The dashboard and the administration panel of the plug-in are where you can fill in your information and track it as it makes its way around the world. ABC not only helps you launch your site, but users have reported being able to breathe new life into old sites that have all but stopped getting traffic. Your rankings can increase and you can hold onto them for longer periods of time due to the fact that ABC makes the building of your link’s following appear to be natural and organic. Links back to your site will appear all over the Internet progressively and the Automatic Backlink Creator gives certain randomness to it as well. So ABC works through a list of about 3000 indexing sites, pings your articles each time they are published to every site on its list which means more search engine spiders crawling all over your website.

Advantages of using Automatic Backlink Creator
Using Automatic Backlink Creator will save endless time and countless amounts of money. By doing a minimal amount of work you can have search engines directing people to your site, articles published and available for editing at any  time, appear in pings and widgets throughout the Automatic Backlink Creator network or community. In early January, the Automatic Backlink Creator network had a staggering number of 1876 sites. If the actual set up of backlinks to your site was all this plug-in did for you, it would still be worth it; but the fact that it helps you to track your ranking, your backlink count, your keywords and so much more makes it an invaluable tool in the internet world today.

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Eliminate the most time consuming aspect of Internet Marketing

Creating your own web site can be fun but it’s hard work at the same time.  People who do so have undoubtedly thought it through and have decided that something meant enough to them that they wanted to actually create a web site about it.  Once all that work is done it would be nice to just sit back and watch your rankings grow.  Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen without taking a ridiculous amount of time to create backlinks, so that search engines, widgets, keywords and your title will hyperlink computer users back to your website.

How can the Automatic Backlink Creator save you time and money? 

·         Companies that provide backlinking services do so at a price anywhere from $1.00 to $500 per month. $1.00 being ridiculously and uncommonly low; $500 being the absolute highest that I have seen. Now that’s just for one link. Are you sure you want to pay such ala carte prices?
·         $37.00 a month with ABC buys you unlimited links and so much more.
·         Creating your own backlinks is not only time consuming but tedious, tiresome and (thanks to Automatic Backlink Creator) unnecessary. 
·         Your rankings will not only appear on your administrator’s page, thereby saving you the time of trying to figure out how to hunt down your ranking as the Automatic Backlink Creator will send an alert to your email address when your Google ranking has changed.
·         Writing articles takes time (I should know); Automatic Backlink Creator allows you to “republish” old articles as “new” simply by editing them. Talk about your time savers!
How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work? 
Everyone needs traffic to their website. Automatic Backlink Creator helps you create that traffic by tying in the title of your website, keywords, widgets and so on with others in its category (or sometimes randomly), thereby creating a hyperlink that will automatically take people to your website. They are also a guaranteed publisher of your articles (wish I had one of those). A lot of work goes into not only building but maintaining a website; with the assistance of Automatic Backlink Creator a lot of the work has been sort of hired out. You fill in the basics and they take care of the rest.

Advantages of the Automatic Backlink Creator
The advantage of saving money and time, having a guaranteed publisher for your articles, someone to do the work for you when it comes to creating backlinks to your website, having someone else track the ranking of not only your site but your key words as well… Come on. How many advantages can one little plug-in device offer? If that plug-in device is the Automatic Backlink Creator the answer is; plenty. The designer of ABC wanted to be sure that he went the distance and then share with others in his creation of this networking device. He’s excited about his product; you can tell when you listen to his video. Any time someone is as excited about their work as he is, it can’t help but translate into a great offer of a great service. Clearly, much time and money have been spent on research and development so that you can save your time and money.

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A Built-in Personal Assistant

The main objective of the Automatic Backlink Creator is to more or less create your own networking assistant who caters to your every need before you even ask for it. Good help like that is hard to find.  But with a simple plug-in device called the Automatic Backlink Creator, you get just that, and so much more. Using ABC is like joining the ranks of a tightly woven community. ABC’s database stores all the communities’ residents’ information and helps them promote their website throughout the world via the Internet. Users have even reported being able to revive older sites which have lost their appeal with the use of the Automatic Backlink Creator.

Daily pings make the Automatic Backlink Creator invaluable
·         Automatic Backlink Creator guarantees publishing of your articles.
·         Every time they are published, they are automatically pinged to every site on the list.
·         The list of pinging sites available from Automatic Backlink Creator is extensive.
·         ABC allows you to “rewrite” an article simply by editing it, thereby assuring the fact that it will get pinged to all sites with in ABC’s database all over again.
·         More pinging equals more search engine spiders to your site.
·         The more search engine spiders to your site, the more people will visit you and the higher your ranking will be.
·         In addition to pinging, your information will also be indexed up to 10 times a day.
·         Widgets will display between 5 to 10 links and change randomly every time the page refreshes, providing a constant stream of backlinks directing people to your website. Increased people directly to your website increases ranking. You can literally create thousands of backlinks directing people to your information through ABC.

One amazing thing to note about ABC is that it allows you to submit Spintax form articles, furthermore, once the article is submitted, you can go in and edit it how you see fit.  Imagine how many submissions you could generate with just one, spintax article?

Not your average plugin!

The Automatic Backlink Creator is a plug-in device that, when activated at installation, will create backlinks for you automatically using either titles or keywords. After filling in some basic information regarding your website, it creates a hyperlink that will take computer users straight to your website after clicking on either a key word or title in a widget; or keywords in your own articles (which it guarantees to publish). Your information will get indexed up to 10 times daily (and where it gets indexed will come from a list of 3000 sites). Search engines won’t be able to ignore your site.

Advantages of the Automatic Backlink Creator
What advantage do you feel there would be to having your own personal publisher, backlink creator, ranking manager and more that never need to be told what to do, when to do it or how much to do.  Everything is automatic! The time you spend filling in the basic information needed for this process to run efficiently will be time well spent and will undeniably save you limitless hours, days, weeks, even months of work. I call that a serious advantage. And just in case you need yet another advantage, ABC’s creator is not one of those who takes the money and runs. He is easy to get a hold of and will return your emails expediently. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for a lot of services these days.

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Not just another Backlinking Software

After all the blood, sweat and tears you probably put into your website, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone follow up for you rather than you having to do it yourself? Automatic Backlink Creator will do just that. It will create all the backlinks necessary, and then some, that you need to let everyone know about your website. With daily pings and up to 10 indexes per day it won’t be long before your ranking grows. The traffic generated by the Automatic Backlink Creator plug-in will be far more beneficial than you sitting down and trying to create the same kind of traffic on your own. Sometimes, it simply can’t be done. You’re only one person, whereas; the ABC plug-in will allow you to join the network consisting of hundreds of thousands of users. If you have a website that means anything to you at all, you can’t afford not to get the Automatic Backlink Creator.

What benefits do users of the Automatic Backlink Creator gain from its use?
These are only some of the benefits you will enjoy of the ABC. There are information intensive video tutorials that cover every aspect of what the Automatic Backlink Creator can do.
·         Automatic Backlink Creator assures you that the articles you write will not only be published but indexed as well. You can use your articles by inserting your own keywords in them, thereby creating a hyperlink to your website when someone clicks on them.
·         The price of the Automatic Backlink Creator plug-in is ridiculously low compared to other “brenter” sites.
·         Not only is the price ridiculously low but the concentration of Internet saturation is above and beyond anything out there right now.
·         Time and money are both valuable commodities. You will save both with ABC.
·         Help lines are frequently not only lacking in actual help, but in people to answer the help lines.  The creator of the Automatic Backlink Creator plug-in is extremely diligent in the answering of his emails and requests for assistance.
How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work? 
By simply plugging in the Automatic Backlink Creator and activating it, you will create a new WordPress category on your website and you can install widgets into your site as well as others. Key words for anchor text links and any URLs you want to direct users to will be included in your administrative panel.  Articles can be published and republished thereby increasing pings and indexing.

The advantages of using the Automatic Backlink Creator have pretty much been covered above but to reiterate; you have your very own publisher who will publish any of your articles and index them up to 10 times a day; ABC will create all the backlinks necessary for you to get the word out about your website; your titles and keywords will appear in widgets and on we sites throughout the ABC Network.  There’ll always be someone to help you should you need assistance or explanation dealing with your Automatic Backlink Creator plug-in. The time and money saved will no doubt be well spent somewhere else…maybe creating a new website. In which case, your Automatic Backlink Creator will be there for you again helping to spread your words across the planet via the internet.

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As the name suggests, Automatic Backlink Creator is an automated plug-in system that aims to give your website as many backlinks as possible. Backlinks is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), without it your blogs or article posts will not be easily recognized by the search engine spiders. Most bloggers and website owners understand the importance of backlinks but they also understand the fact the creating many of these links is a really daunting task. You can do it manually, by proposing from one website to another; however this takes a really long time, which is why Automatic Backlink Creator is now hugely popular on the internet.

How it uses article submission

Article submission is the most basic form of SEO technique, by using keywords; the search engine recognizes your posts and categorizes your page based on the content. With Automatic Backlink Creator you can create, post, edit and repost your content and create backlinks on your site all at the same time. How does it happen? Well, you will need WordPress, it is free and this serves as your blogging platform, and it will also be where the plug-ins are installed. You will submit links to the ABC database from WordPress and you’re going to install a widget on your website like hundreds of other users will. You can submit articles, spin them and edit them in your ABC dashboard that looked exactly like the one you use with WordPress. The articles will have links to your sites. There will be hundreds of websites where your articles will be posted and there will be thousands of unreciprocated links, all pointed to your website.

Why Is this Important?

·         The articles will be categorized hence, it will look organic
·         You will receive more backlinks which means more traffic to your site
·         It will increase your search engine ranking
·         It will save you a lot of time and effort
·         It is way affordable than buying ala carte links

How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work?
First you have to purchase the plug-in and then install it to your WordPress site. And then you activate the software, then you install the ABC widget on your site like mentioned above. At this point, you will be able to create a WordPress category. You then place in the anchor texts and the URLs you want them to point in into the admin panel of the plug in.

Advantages of Auto Backlink Creator     
The Automatic Backlink Creator gives you a platform where you can do pretty much whatever you want; you can post articles, create a category and send out links to network users all over the internet. It gives you an update about your page ranking in both Google and Yahoo. It also sends you an email about any changes that happens in your ranking. It basically does what an SEO expert does without requiring much of your time. The great thing about it is that all you have to do is to basically look after your content, edit them to send out new unique contents.

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Automatic Backlink Creator V 2.0

Since the successful launch of the Automatic Backlink Creator, the team realizes that there are a few minor flaws in the first version and so they are releasing ABC version 2 that promises more features and higher reliability. Automatic Backlink Creator is an innovative way to produce and reproduce hundreds of backlinks into one’s site. The idea is beneficial to website owners as well as SEO experts.

Benefits of backlinking to your own site
Backlinks play a huge role in increasing your website’s online visibility. This will help increase your ranking in the search engine allowing more visitors to view your site. Backlinks can be produced manually or be purchased, either way you would be shedding off hundreds of dollars. If you prefer to do it yourself, you should ensure that you have more than enough available time to focus on creating the links, sending out emails from one webmaster to another for you to produce just about enough links to rank in the search engine. The sad part about it is that most of the times, you end up getting two way links, meaning that the website where you post your links will have the right to post on yours as well, although it is okay for you to create reciprocated links, the one way links will work better. Purchasing links is really expensive and could be out of your price range unless of course you own a large company that you don’t mind spending hundreds of dollar per month for a single link.

With ABC, you get…

·         Increased traffic
·         Quick indexing
·         Attractive to web spiders
·         High page ranking
·         High search engine ranking

How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work?
Automatic backlinks, on the other hand, is the easiest solution to your problem. For a very small monthly fee, you can enjoy thousands of backlinks all pointing to your website. It also works very efficient yet simply, since you don’t actually have to have any special equipment to use to get this product up and running. The efficiency of the product is so amazing, and very logical for that matter. It is a plug-in that you have to use with WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform made especially for serious bloggers. You just have to install the Automatic Backlink Creator into WordPress and you can start making widgets on your WordPress homepage and the links will be posted on them as well as into the articles you post. All these information will be stored in the ABC database. The links will be posted to other network users’ websites based on category and related niche, you can have as many as hundreds of thousands backlinks as you want.

Advantages of using the Automatic Backlink Creator
The advantages of backlinks are endless. First of all, it will save you time and so much time for that matter. It will teach you how to increase your web page ranking and increase traffic to your site. Basically, it acts like your personal SEO manager. It does everything you want and does it well!

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Perhaps the most useful Wordpress Plug-in Ever Created

Automatic Backlink Creator is the famous WordPress plug-in that can deliver thousands of backlinks all pointing to your site in the shortest time possible. Automatic Backlink Creator has been around for about a year and is now introducing its more enhanced version, the Automatic Backlink Creator version 2 with the long-awaited upgrades to make it a perfect gift for the internet world.

It has always been believed that creating backlinks is the most prominent technique to increase traffic to your site. By creating multiple backlinks, the search engine will recognize your site, will index it and then place you higher in the search engine. Once this happens, you can expect more people visiting your site and an increase in organic traffic. However backlinks cannot simply be produced, it takes a lot of time to do and even if you do try to create links manually, it is the fact that most of these links are not organically created in which the search engine ignores your effort.

The Automatic Backlink Creator does all these automatically and by using categories, the links made will be organically produced. Organically produced links are of the highest quality. And SEO experts are the only ones who can really produce a lot of them. But because hiring an SEO firm is a bit costly, the Automatic Backlink Creator is your best bet!

How it targets quality links using categories

·         It gives you an option to choose the category in which your article, your title or anchor texts are based.
·         Your links will be posted in the related niche on thousands of network users’ sites.
·         Links will be coming from different IP addresses from related niches hence creating more organic backlinks.
·         When the page is refreshed, your link will be randomly displayed and it rotates the ten links, giving your website more exposure.
·         The articles you post are set in categories with your links and they will be distributed on all related network users’ WordPress pages.

How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work?
The Automatic Backlink Creator works side by side with your WordPress account. In fact it is where you would need to install it. The Automatic Backlink Creator has a database where all network users’ link their WordPress widgets. These widgets play a huge role in allowing links after links to be posted on each user’s WordPress site. As these links exist, they are randomly rotated to create new links that is vital in making the search engine recognize your website. All links will be from different domains and IP addresses. This technique will create thousands of organic links that will be the key in getting the higher page ranking. The Automatic Backlink Creator also allows you to write and spin articles from within the plug-in. Articles with your links will be distributed according to the related category and will be posted on site within that category, producing more organic articles and links.

Advantages of using the Automatic Backlink Creator
·         Increased in website traffic
·         Increased in search engine ranking
·         User-friendly interface
·         Thousands of organic links with minimum effort

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SEO made Simple

If you haven’t heard about Automatic Backlink Creator, then you are missing a great deal. If you are in the SEO field then you know how important it is to have as much backlinks as possible. The advantages of it are endless; it would get you on top of the search ranking, which means increased traffic. The Automatic Backlink Creator is a WordPress plug in that will help you get you thousands of backlinks without requiring you to shed off unnecessary dollars and exert too much effort, it does it all automatically.

Basically, the Automatic Backlink Creator is a plug-in that has its own server that helps distribute links to all users’ sites across the globe. They will be categorized accordingly to your niches and how you categorize them. They will have anchor texts that will be posted as your links to different websites. And if you post a blog or an article, you can spin it and repost it, making that a new set of articles. Your articles will have links and they will have links on the widgets as well.

Uses and functions 

·         It creates thousands of organic backlinks all pointing to your website
·         It ensures that you are indexed and pinged at the same time when one of your articles were published
·         It tracks your Yahoo backlinks
·         It tracks your ranking on Google search ranking
·         It allows you to publish articles, and then edit and repost them as new articles

How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work?
Automatic Backlink Creator has its own database on its own server. Once you’ve installed the ABC plug-in into your WordPress site, the database will store all of the information, anchor texts, titles, articles, etc. to the ABC database once you’ve submit the links to your ABC database. Then you will have to install a widget on your website. This is also going to be the case for other ABC users; hence the ABC database will have a lot of widgets from all users all across the world randomly. The database is then going to send out the links from the database to all users, this will be categorized accordingly, meaning they will be delivered organically. So your links will be posted on widgets of the related niche. Once the search engine recognizes these organic links, then it will start ranking you higher, the advantage of using natural links is that you can maintain the top ranking for a longer period with very low maintenance.

Advantages of using the Automatic Backlink Creator
The advantages of ABC are so amazing that those who’ve already purchased version 1 are looking forward to purchasing the more enhanced version, the Automatic Backlink Creator version 2. Imagine creating backlinks after backlinks without boring yourself out and without wasting any of your time. Your page ranking will significantly increase without too much effort. Of course the articles you post will be your original writings (or you can hire someone to write them) but the fact that whole system is already planned out and just waiting for distribution is just amazing. This is something that even the most highly skilled SEO expert cannot do in such a short amount of time.

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Unlimited Backlink possibilities

Automatic Backlink Creator or ABC is a revolutionary plug-in that aims to help you get thousands of backlinks to your website. The idea is so amazing that the makers of this software is introducing its second version with more enhanced featured to the public. Automatic Backlink Creator as the name suggests will help you create backlinks to your site automatically. It is basically made as a plug-in to your WordPress site where all the magic begins.

If you look at your other options, there are only three left, you can either do it manually, have an SEO firm to do it for you, or buy links. Amongst these three, the most economical would be doing it on your own. This may sound easy especially if you understand how to do it. The problem with this is that the process takes a really long time and before you see significant changes in your website ranking, you have wasted a lot of time that could’ve been more useful for other matters like your website enhancement and marketing as well as selling your products.

If you opt to hire someone or purchase links then it would really cost you a lot. If you look at how much these people charge, you would soon realize that in the long run, you will spending thousands and thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

How is ABC better than other backlinking services and software programs?

·         Automatic Backlinking Creator is way cheaper than the others
·         It is very efficient in producing organic one way links
·         It helps increase traffic to your website with great success
·         It is user-friendly
·         It does not consume much time

How does the Automatic Backlink Creator work?
The Automatic Backlink Creator works side by side with your WordPress account, you can simply install it on your WordPress. Once you’ve installed it, you can just create a widget on your page, and then set up a link where you want to it be pointing at and then create the links. The great thing about this is that you can insert multiple keywords and multiple titles, this technique will maximize the potential of attracting the web spiders to crawl into your website and index you according to your category. You will also have access to your Yahoo and Google page ranking information easily. In addition, you can also edit articles and repost them to create new and unique postings.

Advantages of using the Automatic Backlink Creator
Advantages includes being able to rank high in the search engines. Your website would have enough backlinks that would manipulate the search engine organically for quick indexing and higher page ranking. If you know search engine optimization, you would know how important backlinks are. And with the Automatic Backlink Creator, you can have as many backlinks as possible, giving you more advantage in getting the number one spot. Did you know that about 49% of all clicks from users are those that ranked number 1 in all users’ search? If you want to get that 49%, then try your best to increase your page ranking. With the help of Automatic Backlink Creator, this is simply a breeze!

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